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GenArts, Inc. Announces the Release of Sapphire 8

With the completion of the Sapphire 8 public beta, GenArts, Inc. is excited to announce the official release of Sapphire 8 today.

The latest version of the high-end VFX plugin suite has been updated with effects and features that are essential to producing modern, creative looks. This includes the biggest addition to Sapphire in its history: a new feature called “Builder” that lets users create their own effects and transitions.

New and Updated Effects

Sapphire 8 includes these new and updated effects, available on all host applications:

  • Grunge: Add a variety of natural-looking elements to dirty up a shot, add sophisticated vignettes, or create complex textures. Choose from a variety of categories: cracks, stains, frost, and more, which can be combined and animated.
  • LightLeak: Simulate light leaking into the frame for an organic lighting effect more subtle than a lens flare. Control the color and movement of the lights to add nostalgic warmth and energy to your work.
  • DigitalDamage: The modern equivalent of FilmDamage, DigitalDamage simulates digital playback errors and noise, compression errors, and glitches, with seven different damage types that can be combined for additional customization.
  • Shake: Updated with two additional modes that result in twitchy and jumpy motion, and new channel parameters allowing for color channel separation as the shaking occurs.
  • Crosshatch: Apply a pattern of crossing lines in pencil or chalk to give footage a sketched look. Crosshatch compliments Sapphire’s other artistic effects, such as AutoPaint, Sketch, and Cartoon.

New Features: Builder with Enhanced Preset Browser
Builder gives users the ability to create their own effects and transitions in a node-based workspace for unprecedented creativity and efficiency, thus unleashing the full power of Sapphire.

Notable motion graphics designer John Dickinson says Builder liberates motion graphics artists working in Adobe® After Effects®: “Sapphire Builder really lends itself to creativity and experimentation. It’s like a kitchen or workshop for effects where you don’t need to touch a line of code. After Effects artists will get addicted once they start using it!”

In Builder, users have the flexibility to stack and connect Sapphire effects in ways that were not previously possible in Adobe and Avid® hosts. All new effects and transitions developed in the workspace are saved as cross-host presets, and are loaded as a single plugin onto a timeline.

This flexibility can be especially helpful for editors.

Al Mooney, Senior Product Manager for Adobe Premiere Pro commented, “Adobe Premiere Pro CC users are always pushing the envelope with new transitions and more complex productions. Sapphire 8’s Builder offers users powerful creative freedom to create their own unique transitions with a sleek, easy to use interface.”

Since Builder allows effects to be combined, results that would have taken multiple steps can now be achieved with a single effect.

Media Composer Product Manager Kate Ketcham adds, “We know that many of our customers on Media Composer have relied on the Sapphire plugins for years. With version 8’s “Builder” feature, editors will be able to work with multiple effects much more efficiently, make custom effects to streamline workflows, and create custom transitions for almost endless creative options.”

Builder also contains an enhanced preset browser, which allows access to every Sapphire preset at once. The new browser is based on a “looks first” workflow that promotes browsing presets by theme. This lets users find a look without having to know a specific Sapphire plugin name first, and helps them become familiar with previously unexplored Sapphire effects.

Builder is available on Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro CC, and Avid Media Composer®.

Availability and Price

Sapphire 8 is launching with new pricing and purchase options, including the Upgrade and Support Plan and Subscription. More information is available at Safe Harbor.

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GenArts, Inc. Announces the Release of Sapphire 8