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New TriCaster Mini Models Feature HDMI Connectivity, Portability


Newtek has introduced two new models of TriCaster that fulfill the needs of church, school, corporate, radio, video bloggers, and other users that wish to produce live online streaming video with an affordable, portable solution that is easy to set up for operators of all experience levels.

Many existing and potential TriCaster customers have long requested HDMI compatibility. The market spoke, and Newtek has responded with two new models. The Mini units feature 4 HDMI inputs and 2 HDMI outputs, rather than the HD-SDI and/or analog connections of other TriCaster models.

HD-SDI gear is typically quite expensive, and analog connections on newer cameras are becoming quite scarce, making HDMI perfectly positioned to meet the needs of a large market segment that wants to produce and stream professional video on a budget.

Newtek has also overcome the typical 20-40’ HDMI cable length limitation by developing special 100’ HDMI cables, available in a 4-pack, allowing users to set up multiple HDMI cameras around a venue for live events. The Newtek HDMI cables include a locking plate for secure attachment of the cables to TriCaster Mini. Of course, any quality HDMI cables of shorter length can be utilized if you don’t need the extra distance.

Virtually all HD video cameras today, including the ever-popular GoPro cameras, have HDMI connectivity.  This is ideal for consumer and prosumer users needing to interface with commonly used, inexpensive video gear. While TriCasters have always accepted computer graphics via network connection, a unique feature of TC Mini is the ability to now accept HDMI directly from computers.


Besides the two HDMI video outputs, there are 4 additional video graphics ports to support the UI, MultiView display, and two additional monitors/projectors showing sources of your choice.

Analog audio is handled via ¼” phono jacks for input and output, and audio is also available through the HDMI camera inputs. The program audio is of course embedded in the HDMI video output, and a headphone jack is provided for operator monitoring.

TC Mini is the smallest TriCaster ever and fits easily in a backpack for the ultimate in portability and quick, simple setup for any user, not just video professionals. But don’t let the size fool you – the Mini offers the same software and feature set as the TriCaster ProLine models.

Features include live video switching with broadcast-quality animated transitions, keying and Virtual Set technology including holographic sets, video and graphics players, ISO recording of video, PTZ camera control, network video, live streaming, social media publishing, and so much more!

TriCaster Mini is offered in two versions – the HD-4i at $7995 includes a built-in 7” screen for monitoring your program or sources, along with two hard drives offering a 30-hour total video recording capacity. A $5995 HD-4 version is also available without the LCD screen, offering a single hard drive with a 15-hour capacity (an external USB 3.0 hard drive can be connected to increase recording capacity). Both models offer the same software and capabilities otherwise. Note that both models include built-in WiFi, never before offered on any TriCaster model.


A Control Surface switcher panel is optionally available at $2495, while the previously noted 4-pack of 100’ HDMI cables is $495. A bundle including the TriCaster Mini HD-4i with screen, Control Surface, and a Newtek custom travel case (not available separately) has been announced at $9995. Educational versions of TriCaster Mini are available to schools at the same pricing, but with copies of Newtek’s LiveText 2.5 and VSE 2.5 (Virtual Set Editor) software tools being included at no additional charge.

Newtek has put out a short video demonstrating the ability to completely set up a TriCaster Mini-based portable studio on location in under five minutes. This includes setting up and connecting TriCaster Mini, an HD display, portable green screen, and an HD camera with lights – ready to produce and live-stream YOUR video program!

TriCaster Mini is going to open up live video production and web streaming to a whole new group of users who otherwise would not be able to afford and enjoy these capabilities at such a professional level. Check out the TriCaster Mini today and see what it can offer to your company or organization.
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New TriCaster Mini Models Feature HDMI Connectivity, Portability