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Newtek TriCaster Pro Line models versus software-based video switcher solutions


Many live-event video producers have long looked to the TriCaster as the most complete tool for the job. More recently, software has become available for configuring PC-based “do it yourself” switchers. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons that TriCaster is still the preferred solution.

Stability/Reliability – TriCaster models are engineered and tested as purpose-built units. There is rigorous testing of the software and hardware combination as a whole to help ensure consistent long-term dependable operation. Switching/streaming  software offerings such as Livestream Studio and Telestream Wirecast depend on the end-user to configure their own PC hardware, along with add-in video capture cards from third-party companies, opening the door for incompatibilities in the system hardware and software choices, with future device driver and software updates from a mix of vendors potentially causing unforeseen issues.

Proven Track Record – Newtek started the “Desktop Video Revolution” in 1990 with their Video Toaster hardware for the Amiga platform, which later evolved into the Toaster NT card for PC computers. The underlying technology of the TriCaster is built on decades of experience as the leader in portable, affordable live video switching and streaming hardware. TriCaster is a mature product, with constant innovative improvements added over the years in direct response to the needs and requests of Newtek users around the world.

Engineering – TriCaster is engineered to the highest professional broadcast standards, utilizing 32-bit 4:4:4:4 video and 96k, 32-bit audio processing internally. HD-SDI and BNC analog video connections feature locking connectors, along with professional XLR and ¼” audio jacks. Fail-safes on some models include redundant power supplies and video pass-thru in case of power loss. Removable hard drives facilitate ease of editing and archiving footage.

All-inclusive Features – Scaling of video inputs and outputs built-in. Network inputs from computers eliminates need for scan converters. Internal clip players, graphics players, sound players. Proc Amps. Waveform/Vector scopes. Scaling/positioning of video and graphic elements. Keying, including Virtual Sets. Multi-channel ISO recording. Web Streaming. Advanced routing/grouping of audio I/O, with EQ and compressor/limiter for each audio channel.  Multiple animation and stills buffers. PTZ camera control. MIDI control interface. Macros simplify complex, repeatable operations. And so much more.

Accessories – Newtek offers professional-grade control surfaces, not limiting the user to clunky keyboard shortcuts and mouse clicks to get the job done. A single-channel slow-motion replay controller can interface with any TriCaster model. Newtek 3Play units add full-featured multi-channel Instant Replay to your sports production workflow. LiveText software integrates with scoreboards and allows creative realtime titling options from data feeds. Virtual Set Editor is used to create realistic environments into which to place your talent, including Holographic Sets made from panoramic images. ProTek Care provides premiere service and support, including advance replacement options.

Newtek TriCaster is your affordable, portable, all-in-one turnkey solution for live video production and web streaming. For pricing and more information, please visit or call (800) 544-6599.


hmmmm, seems to be missing the concept and value of software-only switchers....

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Newtek TriCaster Pro Line models versus software-based video switcher solutions