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Sorenson Media Announces Partnership with Sony Creative Software, Launches Squeeze Desktop Software in Sony Online Store


Sorenson Media today announced a new partnership with Sony Creative Software, a leading global provider of professional editing and authoring applications. The partnership provides Sony customers access to the award-winning Sorenson Squeeze video encoding application through the Sony Online Store. The two companies are also exploring further integration and future bundles.

“Providing our award-winning video encoding software, Sorenson Squeeze, within the Sony Online Store is an exciting first step towards a deeper partnership,” said Peter Csathy, Sorenson Media’s president and CEO. “Video professionals will immediately benefit from the combined workflow capabilities of Sorenson Squeeze and Sony Vegas Pro.”

“Sorenson Squeeze provides our video professional customers with unmatched encoding performance and flexibility,” said Dave Chaimson, vice president global marketing for Sony Creative Software. “The combination of best-in-class editing and encoding tools combined with the Sorenson 360 online video platform provide significant value to our mutual customers.” The partnership between Sorenson Media and Sony Creative Software combines industry-leading products designed for video professionals and content providers.

Sorenson Squeeze 8.5 provides high quality video encoding with professional features, including:

Single Output Acceleration: Squeeze 8.5 optimization for each of the major output formats, including MP4, QuickTime (MOV), WebM and Matroska (MKV). Parallel processing within the Squeeze engine enables the application to systematically break decoded, compressed video files into separate content chunks and partition these simultaneously across multiple CPUs for processing.

Intel Quick Sync Optimization: Sorenson Media collaborated with Intel engineers to optimize Squeeze 8.5 for Intel’s Quick Sync platform and codec, including optimization for Intel’s Second Generation (Sandy Bridge) and Third Generation (Ivy Bridge) processors on Windows machines.

Adaptive Bitrate Encoding: Squeeze provides optimized performance for all three leading adaptive bitrate streaming platforms: Adobe Dynamic Streaming; Apple HTTP Adaptive Streaming; and Microsoft Smooth Streaming. Squeeze also supports MPEG DASH, an emerging adaptive bitrate standard. The unique adaptive bitrate support automatically transcodes each individual video file into multiple, chunked segments in a full array of bitrates, organizes these segments into a folder, and delivers them to the specified destinations for playback on any device. This process simplifies and streamlines workflows by eliminating unnecessary tools and steps required by other applications.

Complete CPU Control: Squeeze 8.5 empowers Squeeze users to choose how to throttle CPU encoding via an intuitive slider bar – including devoting up to 100 percent of the user’s system resources to a particular encode.

Free Sorenson 360 Account: Squeeze 8.5 is designed to make it easy to share and collaborate with encoded videos through fully automated processes within the user interface. Users also benefit from the ability to store, manage and distribute videos with the comprehensive Sorenson 360 online video platform (OVP). Squeeze 8.5 can also send video directly to unlimited publishing destinations, including Amazon, a CDN (Akamai and Limelight), and YouTube, or users can choose their own FTP, SFTP and folder destinations.

Pricing and Availability

Sorenson Squeeze is currently available from Safe Harbor:


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Sorenson Media Announces Partnership with Sony Creative Software, Launches Squeeze Desktop Software in Sony Online Store