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Adobe Encore CS6 Preview Quality Fix



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When making a DVD in Adobe Encore CS6 on your PC, you may find that the video playback looks very low res and jagged in the Monitor window, but will snap back to a sharp image whenever playback is paused.

There is a quick solution in the Edit > Preferences panel. Simply change the Playback Quality to High, and Display Mode to Accelerated GPU Effects, as shown in the comparison images.

You will see in the top example that any diagonal lines are quite “steppy”. It’s even more noticeable during playback than the still example shows, as any camera movement causes the lines to dance and shimmer. The bottom image is clear and sharp after changing the settings.

If you have a system without an Nvidia display card, take a second to see if this option still works and let us know in the comments below.

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Adobe Encore CS6 Preview Quality Fix