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Tips and Resources for Attending Your First NAB Show

With an incredibly overwhelming number of things to see and do, its quite easy to get lost in all of the NAB Show hoopla. Lucky for you, there are a number of great resources readily available for first-timers. From time management to meal planning and appropriate dress, seasoned NAB veterans Walter Biscardi, Creative COW and ProductionHUB have put together some incredibly useful tips. Be sure to reach out and thank them!

Walter Biscardi — Tips for attending NAB 2012
Springtime is upon us and that can mean only two things. Allergies are raging across the United States and it?s time for the annual National Association of Broadcasters convention. Before you head off to Las Vegas, here?s some tips from this seasoned attendee to make the most of your time. Read more…

Creative COW — The Insiders Guide to NAB
As Creative COWs associate editor, Debra Kaufman, is preparing to embark upon her 23rd visit to NAB Show, she shares some great advice for making your own trek a little easier. Read more…

ProductionHUB — The NAB Survival Guide: Trade Show Cliffnotes
If you?re an NAB newbie, you may be expecting to research a new camera or piece of equipment, maybe event catch a few sessions to learn new skills, tips & tricks. However, once you get there, you will quickly realize there is so much to do, and truly not enough time to do it all. Read more…

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Tips and Resources for Attending Your First NAB Show