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Work REDCODE Native in Final Cut Pro!

KONA 3 from AJA now allows you to work REDCODE native!

The newly released version 6 software for KONA 3 adds support for realtime playback of the popular RED ONE camera’s unique 2K and HD file types.

“There is no question,” says Ted Schilowitz of RED Digital Cinema, “that AJA tools are the best choice for Final Cut Pro editors looking to play out RED Native files to professional monitors via QuickTime reference movies for both offline editorial and online editing/finishing.”

Using the free RED Log and Transfer plug-in, users can transcode RED media to Apple Pro Res 422 (HQ) for use within Final Cut Pro. KONA 3 can output these files in 2K or HD at 1080psf 23.98.

For highest quality results, AJA’s DPXtoQT Translator application can wrap REDCINE-converted DPX files into Quicktime movies. This allows you to choose a variety of frame rates, and assign 4:4:4 RGB values.

“RED has revolutionized the professional camera market, and is driving growing numbers of filmmakers towards digital acquisition,” said Nick Rashby, AJA Video Systems. “We’re happy to provide tools that will streamline the post workflows for these early adopters as they implement their 4K digital finishing pipelines.”

KONA 3 is ideal for all broadcast and 2k workflows:

  • Realtime 10-bit hardware-based conversions
  • Video + key output and downstream keyer
  • Timecode window output
  • HDSL ingest
  • Realtime output from 2k

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    Work REDCODE Native in Final Cut Pro!