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What is the TriCaster “Live Control” used for?

The LC-11 Live Control option provides a physical control interface for many of the TriCaster’s functions. Everything the TriCaster does can be controlled via TriCaster’s onscreen interface using the mouse and keyboard, but many users prefer the look, feel and tactile feedback that only switcher buttons and a T-bar can provide, especially if they are experienced with this sort of equipment.

While many events are easily handled by a single TriCaster operator, more complex events may go smoother using a team approach. One person can run the switcher while another prepares graphics and video playback clips. In school settings, participation by as many students as possible is necessary, and the switcher will provide room for another set of hands as well as preparing the student for the type of switching interface they might use in a professional studio setting.

The buttons and knobs control much more than basic switching, allowing the user to select titles, transitions, transition speeds, video playback and more. The LC-11 is definitely plug and play, using a single USB connection with no driver installation. The look and feel of the unit is professional all the way and will be a productive addition for most any TriCaster user.

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What is the TriCaster “Live Control” used for?