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To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade – A Brief Guide for RTX2 Users

I often get questions from customers seeking advice about upgrading their RTX2 systems. If you are one of the many RTX2 users out there with an older system and Adobe CS3, there is one important consideration before upgrading your software.

If you are running the RTX2 with Adobe CS3 on an older machine and you would like to upgrade to CS4, please make sure that your motherboard or system is on the approved list from Matrox. You can find the list by following this link –

Select the tab of the operating system that you are running. If your motherboard or system is not listed, this does not mean that you cannot upgrade; it just means that Matrox has not tested your machine with CS4 and the latest Matrox drivers. Until your configuration has been approved I would hold off on upgrading any software. The feedback I have been getting on system upgrades has been mixed. One system configuration will operate without any issues, while another might not.

If your system is not on the list, I would suggest posting in the Matrox online help forum. Perhaps the technicians at Matrox could shed some light on why your system is not on the list. Note: The list has not been updated for months.

The same approach would also apply to anyone with the desire to upgrade their Windows XP operating system to Vista. It is always best to check out the approved Matrox configurations before updating the operating system. If your motherboard or system is not listed for the operating system you wish to upgrade to, please hold off. In my opinion, it is better to have an older system that works than an updated one with bugs or incompatibilities.

Stick to the approved configurations and your system should be rock solid.

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To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade – A Brief Guide for RTX2 Users