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Telestream Offers First Fully Integrated Solution for YouTube Fingerprinting

Telestream, a leading provider of digital video workflow solutions, has announced the first solution which offers YouTube fingerprinting for both live and file-based workflows. Digital fingerprinting is a process that uniquely identifies video, making it easier for media companies to discover and track their video content which is uploaded to YouTube. Media companies are increasingly opting to partner with YouTube by claiming videos as their own, which results in the ability to share revenues with YouTube for advertising placed around their videos.

“Telestream customers include the largest content owners in the world, many of whom have an interest in controlling and monetizing their content on YouTube, even if they didn’t upload it,” said Barbara DeHart, VP of Marketing at Telestream. “This new integration allows our customers to achieve that goal with significantly more of their content, without adding any steps or costs to their workflow.”

Telestream products are used to cost-effectively ingest and convert live event and on-demand programming for multi-platform distribution to broadcast, cable, web and mobile viewers. The company’s installed base of thousands of major media companies can now use FlipFactory and Pipeline to easily create YouTube fingerprinting to ensure content identification and tracking.

“It is vital that content owners be able to quickly and easily identify and manage their video on YouTube,” said George Salem, Product Manager at Google. “Telestream is a natural partner because they offer a comprehensive live and file-based solution, and the majority of major media companies are already using their products.”

Telestream’s industry-leading FlipFactory is a full workflow automation system that offers the industry’s broadest video file-format support for transcoding, and the industry’s deepest integration with third-party systems for file discovery and delivery. The new solution allows FlipFactory to create a digital reference file, otherwise known as a fingerprint, and automatically upload the reference file to YouTube. This allows content owners to automatically track and protect their content, without incurring any extra steps, costs or processes. This new capability can be added to any existing FlipFactory workflow, providing the broadest file-based fingerprinting support in the industry.

Telestream’s Pipeline network video capture system extends the capability of FlipFactory to provide real-time fingerprinting for live production environments, including sports, awards and press events. One or more channels of Pipeline can be used to capture video from cameras or live broadcast feeds and immediately ingest it into FlipFactory for fingerprinting, creation of the digital reference file and uploading to YouTube – all within a few minutes of the live event. This allows media companies to either block or monetize videos of their live events on YouTube.

Pipeline live video capture and FlipFactory fingerprinting will be demonstrated by YouTube to interested partners. YouTube fingerprinting is a new feature in FlipFactory 7.0 which will be available this month. More information about Pipeline and FlipFactory is available at

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Telestream Offers First Fully Integrated Solution for YouTube Fingerprinting