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Sorenson Squeeze 5 – Above and Beyond!

Reviewed by Jeff Pulera

You’ve completed the editing of your masterpiece, but how will you distribute it to your audience? Today, there are many options including DVD, Blu-ray, Flash, Windows Media, and H.264 to name a few.

Many software editing packages include the ability to output to some, or possibly even all, of the above formats. The drawback to using your NLE software to encode your video is that the editing software is not optimized for creating high quality results in all the formats you may need, while keeping the file size at its smallest.

The award-winning Squeeze 5 from Sorenson Media is an encoder designed to quickly and easily transform your finished video clips into practically any format for disc, web, or personal device, all while keeping the best possible quality!

Anyone can use Squeeze 5 immediately, with almost zero learning curve. It’s a simple, three-step process:

  • Click “Import File” to choose a video source clip
  • Drag an encoding preset onto your video
  • Click “Squeeze It”

    Truly, it IS that easy! Just click “play” to review your new clip as soon as the encoding completes.

    Whether you’re a video novice or a seasoned veteran, Squeeze 5 is intuitive to use with convenient presets, or use your own settings that can be saved for future projects. For manual control of the encoding process, you have full access to all the advanced encoding parameters to customize the end result.

    The output quality is exceptional and the rendering speed is good on a fast workstation.

    One of my favorite features is batch encoding – drag multiple presets into the batch list, such as Blu-ray, DVD, iPod and H.264 and it will encode to all formats at once for multi-purposed content delivery.

    Squeeze 5 also has great automation features. Set up a Watch Folder, and whenever a new video appears in it, it will be encoded to the preset(s) of your choice and can even be automatically uploaded to an FTP site. For example, a news crew could remotely send a video clip to the watch folder, where it would be encoded and uploaded to a website without further user intervention. Or, you could complete the editing of a long-format event video in the evening, and have Premiere Pro export the timeline to a Watch Folder overnight. In the morning, you would find all of your specified delivery formats rendered out by Squeeze 5, ready to go!

    Besides video encoding, there are several other perks to using Squeeze 5. In the audio department, it can encode to Dolby Digital AC-3 stereo as well as 5.1 or 7.1 surround. Several basic audio and video preprocessing filters can be applied to your clips, and watermarking can be added to protect your online videos from being “borrowed”, which is a common practice with wedding videography samples.

    Though not a full-featured DVD authoring application, Squeeze 5 does offer the option to burn your MPEG-2 content to DVD after encoding your video files if you desire.

    Sorenson also provides many free online tutorials to help you get the most out of Squeeze 5.

    Whether encoding wedding videos for DVD and Blu-ray or creating streaming web content for a Fortune 500 company, Squeeze 5 has you covered with broad file format support, ease of use and excellent quality.

    With a free trial download available, you’ll want to take it for a spin and compare to your current encoder. You may find the features it adds to your editing workflow, along with the high-quality results, well worth the investment.

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    Sorenson Squeeze 5 – Above and Beyond!