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RT.X2 LCD Display Calibration for CS4 Users

Matrox now offers a monitor calibration utility for RT.X2 users that allows the use of an inexpensive LCD display for accurate color grading. This does not apply to the RT.X2 LE or SD models, which lack the DVI output necessary to drive the LCD.

The calibration utility is part of the new 4.0 drivers for use with Adobe CS4, and is accessed via the Matrox “TV” icon at the lower right of the Windows screen. Step-by-step illustrated calibration instructions are included in the Matrox User Guide .pdf file found on the Matrox driver disc in the “Documentation” folder, or online here:

Preloaded color bar graphics are included for NTSC, PAL, 720 and 1080 video formats. These graphics are output to your LCD, and will facilitate with the adjustment of hue, chroma, contrast and brightness. There is also a “blue only” mode for additional fine adjustment.

You don’t have to be a video engineer to achieve proper monitor calibration. Just follow the simple instructions provided to match your color bar display to the sample images, and in a matter of minutes, you will have a true-color display that you can rely on for accurate color reproduction for SD or HD editing with your RT.X2 and CS4.

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RT.X2 LCD Display Calibration for CS4 Users