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Realtime AVCHD editing with Panasonic and Edius NEO2

Grass Valley has announced that their EDIUS NEO2 software is being updated with the “Booster” package to provide realtime native editing of AVCHD, eliminating the need to transcode footage prior to editing. No other NLE software provides realtime AVCHD editing, so this is exciting news for users.

The EDIUS NEO2 software has been bundled with the Panasonic AG-HCM150 and AG-HCM70 camcorders for some time now, and is also being included with the new AG-HCM40 units. Users that purchased their Panasonic camera on or after October 9, 2009 will receive their EDIUS NEO2 upgrade directly from Panasonic at no charge. Owners who purchased prior to October 9 can get the upgrade for just $49.

If you don’t own EDIUS NEO2, a bundle is available with the Booster at $229. On a core i7 workstation, users can expect editing performance of 3-4 streams of AVCHD (full 1920×1080) in realtime. By adding the Grass Valley HD SPARK card, HD video can be previewed on an HDMI display to enhance the editing experience.

Having to spend hours transcoding footage largely defeats the purpose of tapeless workflows, since solid-state recording eliminates the need to capture footage from tape in realtime. Panasonic AVCCAM cameras and EDIUS NEO2 with Booster provide a fast, efficient workflow from camera to edit unmatched by other AVCHD workflows, allowing users to finally realize the full potential of digital acquisition and editing.

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Realtime AVCHD editing with Panasonic and Edius NEO2