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Pixologic Announces ZBrush 4R3

Just as you’ve started to fully grasp the new features from the ZBrush 4R2b update less than a month ago, Pixologic provides yet another free update to include even more new features and expand on features introduced in previous versions.

Perhaps the biggest update to Z4R3 is the NoiseMaker plugin. This powerful enhancement allows you to create a wide variety of noise and patterns. With over 25 parametric generators, limitless combinations, and the ability to work in both 3d and UV mode, NoiseMaker is sure to help get the job done. NoiseMaker will now use interpolated masking per polygon for an accurate display of noise and patterns even on lower polygon meshes. Furthermore, NoiseMaker features ZBrush navigation style, a larger preview window and new masking capabilities to provide multiple scaling options to your noise.


Additional features and updates include Vector Displacement maps, BPR to Geo conversion, significant advancements to FiberMesh, interface and render enhancements, and more. ZBrush 4R3 is set for a February 28th release and will be a free update to registered users. For pricing and additional information, check out our ZBrush sales or head over to ZBrushCentral for the full announcement and feature list.

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Pixologic Announces ZBrush 4R3