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NewTek TriCaster Live Web Streaming – Push or Pull?

The NewTek TriCaster, available in several models, offers live web streaming of the video content you are producing with the unit. Live streaming allows viewers to see your production across the local in-house network, or around the world via the internet. There are two available streaming options with TriCaster, known as Push and Pull.

Pull is the simplest option for small audiences – users on the local network or the internet can “Pull” the stream right from the TriCaster itself. This works ok for just a few viewers, since your internet connection must support an individual stream to each viewer requesting it. Multiple streams will quickly overwhelm the capacity of the average broadband connection.

Push is the preferred option, requiring the services of a CDN (Content Delivery Network) Provider. CDNs have the infrastructure and bandwidth to redistribute your stream to a worldwide audience of unlimited numbers, live! You will set up an account with the CDN, choosing a plan to meet your needs and budget. When you need to stream an event, it will go from your TriCaster direct to the CDN, which will relay it live to the internet for large audiences.The CDN will provide you with the address and password to enter into the TriCaster interface to set up the streaming connection, and you will also be given an address where your viewers can see the stream. Your IT person should be able to work with the CDN to set it up so the stream is integrated into your own website as well.

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NewTek TriCaster Live Web Streaming – Push or Pull?