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Matrox Interview

I had an opportunity to sit down with our Matrox representative recently. I wanted to ask some questions about the video industry in general, Matrox in particular, and also to get some ideas about his views of the video industry and how Matrox, as a viable and well-respected manufacturer, plans to succeed in 2004.

Safe Harbor: Overall, was 2003 a successful year for Matrox?

Matrox: Yes, definitely. We launched the RT.X100 Xtreme Pro Suite and Pro Collection into the reseller channel. Real value was added to the Adobe software bundle with the addition of our video card. It put real-time encoding and real-time editing into the hands of pro-sumers and professional editors, alike. It’s a REAL solution with a ton of added value.

Safe Harbor: What do your plans include for 2004?

Matrox: MORE SALES! Our successful trade-in (and trade-UP) promotion is still in effect (until the end of March). Resellers who offer this promotion are reporting some good activity. It’s a great opportunity for anyone with one of our older cards, and also those with certain competitors’ cards, to trade them in for the Matrox solution. For users of competing products, it offers a great chance to give the Matrox/Adobe solution a try OR to upgrade to the newest technology (for those who already own a Matrox card). I suspect there will be more promotions for 2004. In addition, we plan to exhibit at the major trade shows this year, including NAB, DV Expo, Videomaker Expo, and WEVA. We have a large presence at these shows, and we will continue to exhibit. It’s always fun to meet the people face-to-face and show them the RT.X100 in person.

Safe Harbor: How does Matrox position itself in relation to its competitors?

Matrox: In an advantageous way! I think our biggest advantage over our competitors is that we have the BEST set of real-time tools: real-time encoding, real-time effects, and really advanced capture tools. Just see our card in action, and you’ll know what I mean.

Safe Harbor: Why does Matrox continue to stay with Adobe-based systems?

Matrox: Adobe offers a complete set of content-creating tools. You get video editing, audio editing, and DVD authoring in one package. Also, Adobe is popular. There’s a huge community of users out there. Adobe has a big name, an excellent reputation, presence and momentum.Pinnacle has a system in which you do everything in one application. That’s good in some ways, and there are editors who will choose that solution. But Matrox offers a whole suite of products, complete and compatible. It’s easy to jump back and forth within the interface.

Safe Harbor: What surprises are in store for us at NAB, coming up in April?

Matrox: If I tell you, it wouldn’t be a surprise, would it?

Safe Harbor: In what direction does Matrox see this industry moving?

Matrox: HD. Period. As we see more television programs offered in HD, that’s going to be the driving factor. Add to that is the availability of low-cost (under $4000) HD camcorders: the Panasonic AG-DVX100 shoots in 24P and the JVC model JY-HD10U that shoots in DV OR HD format – these are NICE camcorders, and there will be more. These will drive the HD editing business in that anyone who shoots in HD will certainly want to EDIT in HD, as well. The demand for HD content will also be a driving factor. As more and more consumers purchase HD-quality TV’s, they’ll want to maximize that investment with more content! So I predict that a year from now, we’ll have a $2000 consumer-level HD camera. Then there will be more choices for HD editing. This is all really exciting! I think 2004 will see BIG CHANGES in our industry.

The only-downside — and this is what our engineering staff will have to sort through – is that if four or five different HD formats emerge, which one will Matrox support? Time will give us that answer.

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Matrox Interview