Innovative solutions for post production professionals

Improve and secure your workflow with PCoIP remote computing

Remote computing with the revolutionary PCoIP protocol offers media professionals many proven benefits including improved security, enhanced collaboration, remote access, increased productivity and a better working environment:

  • Improve Security: PCoIP technology transmits only encrypted pixels so data and files never leave your office or datacenter. So even with remote employees or contractors, your content will remain yours
  • Enhanced Collaboration: Now artists, studios and production houses anywhere in the world can work together, viewing and modifying the same digital source in real time. And your data is always safe
  • Remote Access: With PCoIP solutions, artists can work remotely, from home – anywhere there’s a network connection. Artists achieve a better work-life balance and the world truly becomes your studio. All with complete data security.
  • Increased Productivity: Maintaining workstations in a central location makes it easier to protect them with redundant power, proper backup and anti-virus etc.
  • Better Environment: Keep those loud, hot workstations far away and free up more space for the artists

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    Improve and secure your workflow with PCoIP remote computing