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Expand Your Ministry with Dynamic Services and an Engaging Outreach

The goal of ministry is to engage souls and uplift spirits; a moving, meaningful worship experience is an awe-inspiring way to succeed.

Some churches achieve results through video presentation. Instead of simply recording the service, which in itself has many benefits, they are investing in professional cameras, projectors, switchers, audio mixers, computers and other editing equipment, as well as involving a trained staff to operate it all! The reward is a beautiful, live service that may very well breathe new life into the message.

But what if your church doesn’t have the budget and staffing capabilities this requires? Are you out of luck? Not at all!

First, consider how technology can be utilized to fit the style of your church. Many traditional congregations are hesitant and fearful to leap into video production – but with careful consideration to the receptiveness of the congregation, the technology will surely enhance the service.

“We had to deal with members who liked the traditional services,” explains Michael Yuhas of Church on the North Coast, “but (at the same time), we also needed to meet the contemporary needs of today’s generation. They have many sources pulling their attention, and they do not respond as well to the “old” hymnal-driven church.”

The solution for Michael Yuhas and his congregation was NewTek TriCaster, an affordable, all-in-one system that produces professional-quality results without a large investment. Best of all, it is truly simple to use, developed in part for an all-volunteer staff with little or no previous video editing experience.

TriCaster is a small, portable device that can be operated by one or two people, and performs a variety of important functions, including:

  • Archive lecture series and sermons for later reference;
  • Present a more dynamic service, with live, close-up views of presenters and musicians, and the addition of sermon notes, song lyrics, photos and more!
  • Effortlessly broadcast the service to classrooms and nurseries;
  • Stream the service or other religious events, including wedding ceremonies, around the world;
  • Create DVDs for easy mass distribution;
  • Involve the youth, giving them ministry ownership; and more!

    By using a modern approach to worship, Michael Yuhas and Church on the North Coast are finding TriCaster a valuable tool for creating a dynamic and engaging worship experience for all generations. They use their system to supply video backgrounds to three of their five screens, as well as overlay song lyrics over live and pre-recorded video.

    Second, consider ease-of-use. Most professional video suites consist of a dizzying assembly of computer-operated screens, knobs, scopes, switches, levers and other technical equipment. One wrong move or unexpected hesitancy during the live recording or editing process could be embarrassing and costly!

    Further, if your church doesn’t have an experienced video technician on staff, the substantial investment risks lying dormant, at least; or, at best, your volunteer people face a long-time learning curve that may be too daunting for even the interested, motivated novices to tackle. But, with TriCaster, difficulties in getting up and running are virtually nonexistent.

    “Even if we did not have the included DVD training, the small instruction manual that came with TriCaster was enough for us to get started,” states Yuhas. “We did not need prior editing experience.”

    Another church, St. Matthew Lutheran in Appleton, WI, has also chosen TriCaster; they use it to perform live switching, but they’ve taken the next step — they provide a copy of their service to the local cable channel for broadcast to their homebound or hospitalized parishioners, to potential new members, and others who may be interested.

    “In the past, we recorded live to VHS tapes. So if we made a mistake, it was recorded. We also had to ‘guess’ when to pause and cut out parts of the service if it tended to be longer than one hour,” said St. Matthew’s Jonathan Ruddat. “It’s much easier now because we can make the length (of the recording) exactly fit the cable company’s requirements…..and if necessary, we can take good parts from each service to make a seamless, flawless version for cable broadcast.”

    Recordings for future television broadcast isn’t the only way to spread The Word with TriCaster. The ability to connect to a web server means you can stream your message, live or on-demand, to the world. St. Mark Coptic Orthodox, a growing Washington, DC-area church, broadcasts their Sunday mass, as well as an audio-only stream, live over the Internet. Online services allow those who are unable to attend church to do so “remotely.” They also have live feeds from their sanctuary and gymnasium that viewers can tune in to at any time.

    “When we first started streaming online, it was used by members who couldn’t get to church that Sunday, but news got out, and we found that people were logging on from all over the world,” reveals Andrew Mitry, St. Mark’s technical specialist. “We now have an international audience that keeps on growing!”

    In fact, St. Mark’s internet congregation has grown so large that they’ve created a dedicated website just for their online viewers. The site,, contains archives of past sermons and Bible studies, all downloadable, and all supported financially by the viewers.

    Whether your church can benefit from implementing an all in one video system, whether it’s new for your church or you are replacing old equipment or finding a simpler solution, adding web streaming capability, in-house video projection, or a broadcast-quality production for television, the technology to meet your needs and exceed your expectations is here: NewTek TriCaster!

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    Expand Your Ministry with Dynamic Services and an Engaging Outreach