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Can I Edit Matrox Projects on Non-Matrox Systems?

The short answer is no, but there are workflows you can use. While there are issues opening a Matrox project on a non-Matrox machine, you can easily go from a Premiere-only project to a Matrox project for realtime effects and finishing work.

If you capture DV footage with the RT.X2 and want to edit that footage on a PC that does not have Matrox hardware (Premiere only), you can install the Matrox codecs from the RT.X2 driver disc and you can then work with those Matrox DV .avi clips using a Premiere DV preset.

This does not work for Matrox-captured HDV clips with the .avi extension since that codec is hardware-dependent, but there is a way around that – capture your HDV video using the Premiere HDV preset rather than the Matrox preset. The files will have an .mpeg extension, but are still compatible with Matrox projects.

In this way, you can capture and rough-cut HDV projects on PCs and laptops having Premiere software only. The project can then be transferred to a Matrox machine via external hard drive. Open a NEW Matrox project using a Matrox preset to match your footage, then go to File > Import and import the Premiere project file of choice. In the clip bin, open the project folder that is created and double-click a sequence to open it and work on it. Matrox effects can now be added and you will have all Matrox features and outputs available just as if it was a Matrox project from the start.

Note that Premiere DV clips should also work in a Matrox DV project (no redline), but as with any of the suggestions on this page, I really recommend doing a short test of the desired workflow to make sure it meets your needs and works as expected before committing to an actual project.

Projects saved using a Matrox preset might open on a non-Matrox machine, but will open in “Desktop Mode” since Premiere will not recognize the Matrox project preset and effects. Any Matrox-specific effects you had applied will be lost, so this is not a viable option – it’s a one-way trip from Premiere to Matrox.

As long as you understand these workflow limitations and pre-plan a little, you should be fine when sharing projects between Matrox and non-Matrox edit stations.

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Can I Edit Matrox Projects on Non-Matrox Systems?